The offer – a lease of rooms in building
Pułaskiego Street in Swidnica

Suggested terms of the lease

1) Location

The rooms which one can lease are a placed in a tenement house which is located in the centre of Świdnica at 16 Pułaskiego Street. The main entrance to the building is from Pułaskiego Street whereas the parking for the workers is located in the back of the building – in the courtyard. One can choose the rooms individually.

Location advantages
> the city centre
> the vicinity of important institutions
> easy access by car for the customers from Pułaskiego Street
> easy access by car for workers and service from the courtyard from Daleka Street

> There are  1100,m2 in the whole building
> Al the offices are no smaller than 40,0m2

> The parking for the customers is included into the Area of Payable Parking at Pułaskiego Street
> The parking for the workers and managers are located in the courtyard of the building


2) A description of equipment and installations

Air conditioning
All the rooms are equipped with an air conditioning

Computer system
The building is equipped with a LAN and a central unit with hubs and UPS

There is a permanent access to Internet thanks to POLPAK-T system

Monitoring system (CCTV system)
The building, parking and the vicinity of the building are monitored by the system of video cameras (CCTV system)

The alarm system(SSWIN)
The building is equipped with an alarm system including movement and breaking the windows detectors, connected to an alarm and the police station.

Fire alarm
For the safety of the people the building is equipped with an fire alarm.

The lift
All the floors, except the basement, are accessible for disabled persons using the wheeling chairs. Moreover, there is a lift next to the staircase.

The details
> The floors on the first floor, corridors, staircases and bathrooms are covered with stone and ceramics tiles.
> The floors in the offices are paneled
> All the windows are made of wood and low-emitting(U=1,1 W/m2k) and breaking resistible glass
> The inside walls are plastered and painted. There are stone fragments of walls presented on the first floor.

1) The colours of the walls will be agreed with the leaseholder
2) Any matters which are not mentioned here can be agreed on the phone


"Everest" spółka cywilna
58-100 Świdnica
Pułaskiego Street 16
Województwo dolnośląskie

Tel number.:
+ 48 (74) 851 33 61
+ 48 (74) 851 33 63
+ 48 604 612 467


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